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To the City of Greater Geelong Council,

Given that climate impacts are already causing serious loss of life and destroying vital ecosystems, global average temperature, atmospheric greenhouse gases, and ocean acidity are already at dangerous levels, and wartime economic mobilisations have proven how quickly nations can restructure their economies when facing an extreme threat, it is inexcusable to continue with climate-damaging policies that put us all in even greater peril.

We ask of our councillors to implement a municipality-wide climate emergency response, which involves to…

• Publicly acknowledge the climate emergency

• Review the Council’s strategic plan

• Create a foundation for climate emergency action

• Implement a climate emergency plan

We’ve risen to big challenges in the past when an emergency has been declared, with citizens and all sides of politics rising to the occasion and working together for the common good. We have all the resources and ability to overcome the climate emergency, we are only lacking two things: political will and the number of people to change that political will.

We call on you to do what is necessary now.

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  1. Please Councillors, We are in a climate emergency. If we keep going the way we are going, our future will not be what it is today – and not for the good. I’m not saying to spend our entire budget on climate science but instead declare climate emergency, be one of the largest cities to declare it and help save the country and city that we all love.

  2. We need urgent action to address the climate crisis and it’s Council’s responsibility to take the lead on this. Show leadership to the community. It’s more than just cutting Council emissions. You and we need to act urgently to cut GHG emissions everywhere in the city and prepare for climate impacts now. And we need to start protecting our natural ecosystems urgently before we lose all our insects and other species we rely on for survival.

  3. Please declare a Climate Emergency!
    You have been chosen to listen to the people of Geelong, and many people from this area love the natural wonders and want to keep them safe.
    Please help us.

  4. Tell the truth so we can get our priorities right. It’s a Climate Emergency and we need Emergency action

  5. Dear Councillors,
    I would like to bring to your attention a climate emergency. The science is there, this has been proven. The world knows we’re at a tipping point at this present time of 2 degrees. Our politicians have their heads buried in the sand, especially with the current LNP government. The politicians are not listening, though the people are. And it’s time the Geelong City Council started to listen too. Please start listening to the people of Geelong who elected you
    Kind Regards, James Bush. Belmont, Geelong.

  6. How can anyone deny that our country is not ok?
    Think of the future; and future generations. Extinction is forever.
    No-one can live or survive on a dead planet
    It’s time to act on climate emergency.

  7. Please discourage any intensive animal agriculture in our region. It uses enormous amounts of water and methane given off by ruminants is a very potent greenhouse gas. We have low lying areas which are already being inundated with higher water levels.

  8. Climate change needs to be taken seriously…NOW! We need to declare a climate emergency and take urgent steps to repair/lessen the damage. I don’t want my children and future generations to live in a world ruined by ignorance and lack of action.

  9. In the last 6 months, we have received reports from reputable groups in:
    – Biodiversity
    – The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
    – Health
    – Economics
    – Agriculture
    – Justice
    and others saying that if we want our earth to be habitable, we must take action right now to stop emitting carbon into our atmosphere and start drawing it down.
    To achieve that we need to acknowledge that we do face a climate emergency.
    If this is accompanied by a well defined set of actions & acknowledgement that we have all that we need to face up to this emergency, people won’t be paralysed by fear.
    It’s council’s opportunity to show true leadership on climate to its constituents and honours its duty of care.
    It will be joining a world wide movement of local government authorities which currently consists of in excess of 550 that represent more than 65 million people.

  10. It would be wonderful to see Geelong join the hundreds of other councils around the world doing the right thing to acknowledge and enact change for this very vulnerable area.

    We need to accept and deal with the climate emergency. Local government is perhaps more important than state or federal.

    We must make plans to encourage, indeed legislate about waste, especially landfill and growth, smaller more sustainable houses that do not use good arable land. Green areas for wildlife, which we cannot live without. Sea level rises need to be calculated and worked with, not ignored. We need community solar power for everyone, not just those that can afford or have the right shaped roof. We need local food. I could go on and have probably forgotten important issues.

  11. I urge you to tell the public in this municipality the truth and declare a climate emergency so that council will get on with planning an emergency response.

    There are hundreds of councils globally who have done this now.

    We are heading for extinction unless we do something immediately as the earth is already too hot and we are seeing ecosystems breaking down.

  12. The children all over the world are striking, nonviolently protesting about this!

    The first Climate Emergency Declaration in the World was signed in Darebin City Council in September 2018. This is who has followed: Australian Capital Territory, London City, UK, Ireland, Wales, 15 + Australian Councils, 150 + councils around the world.

    I call on Geelong City Council and Surf Coast Council to Declare a Climate Emergency, and do what it takes to save our climate, including teaming up with a community group to advise on what needs to be done.

  13. Climate Change has no boundaries such as council districts. It effects our whole biosphere and should be treated as a serious threat to our health and many other species.

  14. The human race is in the midst of a ever worsening climate and ecological emergency, nothing short of an existential crisis, please respond accordingly.

  15. We can choose inaction or inadequate action and lead humanity down the path of chaos and catastrophe within my lifetime.

    Our atmosphere is the temperature control and contains the air we need to breathe. If we damage it enough, it will be too hot, and we will not be able to breathe.

    Our planet is our house, our kitchen, our wardrobe. It provides our clothes, our food our resources. Inaction or inadequate action on the climate emergency will lead to civil and international wars due to these resources being limited and this will happen within my lifetime.

    I’m not here to sugar coat it, Climate Emergency mobilisation will take a lot of time, money, effort and collaboration but the diagnosis is clear. And right now, treatment is available.

    We have all the capability and resources to address the Climate Emergency while maintaining and improving social peace, prosperity and equity.

    That is the truth at this point in time, but I don’t know if I can say the same thing in ten years.

    We can choose inaction and therefore catastrophe, or we can choose action, which will be challenging and we will have to be brave and it will result in prosperity and sustainability.

  16. With the beautiful coastal environment we have in Geelong we are going to be substantially affected by climate change. Action on climate change must be taken at all levels and our council must declare a climate emergency to implement the urgent changes required.

  17. I am so concerned about the future of our planet for our grandchildren. I’m willing to pay higher taxes and energy prices now if it helps direct energy where it needs to go.

  18. The correlation between global CO2 emissions and global GDP is almost perfect. We need to plan now for a world beyond the growth economy. Only then, will climate change be addressed in any serious way.

  19. The climate emergency will affect the whole world. There will be climate wars in the next couple of decades. Please take action against climate change and in particular do not approve intensive animal agriculture which is one of the major causes of global warming.

  20. The world should have started action in reducing emissions 30 years ago. We haven’t, so we’re in this emergency situation. We must all state telling the scientific truth about this crisis, then ACT.

  21. This issue shouldnt be political. It is much too urgent to be subject to party politics, in fact any politics, it’s a moral human issue . Without the plant no humans!!!!!!

  22. Hi I’m siriusly concerned about clament change , so I imploring the Geelong council to declining the state of Emergency on Clament , as we need to make changes to have any possibility to curb the distractive spiral we are creating ! Making action to curb clament change it’s a paramount and now it’s the time ! Making changes to control the negative impact that clament change bringing on are community , can save money on the surt time and on lingo terms as well !!!
    Please your responsibility it’s to lead are community of a better out come of living and Colling the state of Emergency on Clament change will be a first step to make the changes we need as community !!!

  23. Please be on the right side of history and act now! Act for all of us, we need institutional change to support and push forward individuals efforts.

  24. For too long this urgent issue has been taken too lightly
    Please do the environmentally responsible thing.

  25. The time is NOW!
    Let’s be leaders and not just follow when the pressure is on to conform and it’s too late.

    Please 🏼

  26. We need to declare a Climate Emergency to make it clear what a fire position every living thing on this planet is in.

    We need to CED and audit how we are doing things now & create an action plan to reduce CO2, drawdown and create awareness campaigns for resilient communities.

    I cannot understate how important this is to do now. We have run out of time

  27. The sooner we start acting on what is quite clearly an emergency situation, the better off we all will be!

  28. Our planet is dying.
    We have Climate Emergency!
    Therefore, we need to act accordingly and stop fossil fuels and protect the nature.

  29. I’m so frustrated by a lack of action at all levels of government. please act on the climate emergency before our kids inherit a dead planet.

  30. This has literally gone too far. Not enough is being done to protect the environment for future generations. If we don’t do something soon it’ll be too far gone to do anything about it.
    It’s SO important we take action NOW! THIS IS CRITICAL. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY

  31. The City of Greater Geelong has a great opportunity to become a true green city. Already you are doing fantastic work with the Malop St Green zone and solar power and water tanks to many COGG buildings. It would be fantastic if you made this a priority with all council property and also planning decisions. Rather than allowing developers to continue to subsume farming land with miles of cheap and nasty housing, make developers take more responsibility for transport infrastructure and green development. Lead the way with the new city precinct with edible green walls and rooftops. The big issue in the future will be a lack of biodiversity and water resulting in a lack of food. Green belts enable water.

  32. The longer we wait, the harder we make it for our children. Please help by acting for the world we live in.

  33. The world-wide response to potentially catastrophic human-induced climate change has been either outright denial or timid and indecisive commitment by most national governments to slowing and halting carbon emissions.

    The time to act is now – as a rapidly growing bottom-up movement around Australia, and around the world, testifies. There are now hundreds of cities, a number of states, and now a national government (UK) that have declared a climate emergency.

    This opens up the way for elected community leaders to engage their communities in a focused and widely shared commitment – to first acknowledge that we are facing a critical issue, and then to mobilise the community all of us – to start taking immediate action.

  34. Can we please have action, no greenwashing or empty conversations. We need positive, tangible and inclusive action. What a great opportunity to be a leader in Australia, inspiring other councils to act!

  35. Implement change now please!
    We are all willing and able to facilitate change now, this must happen before our world is ruined for ever.

  36. The people living within the CoGG and the council itself will be substantially affected by climate change and as a ratepayer I want the council to be as ready as possible. Early preparation will be the key to avoiding huge costs.

    How do you want you legacy remembered?

  37. Taking action on climate change has many advantages: it will generate many thousands of jobs in renewable energy, such as in manufacturing, installation, export markets. Europe is now moving to a circular economy, whereby no non-recyclable plastics will be used. Packaging and products are being redesigned to be able to be re-used and have another life after they have become damaged or out of date for any reason. Take note: So-called Waste-to-Energy is also being pushed out of existence in Europe, Britain and the USA, as high temperature incineration prevents the recycling of products at the end of their useful life. In fact incineration produces large amounts of greenhouse gas and has over the years been proven to pollute the air, soil, and the food chain with dioxins and furans and other toxic substances. The incineration industry covered up emissions for years, but the pollution was eventually revealed. It is disturbing that this industry, which has shown itself to also be uneconomic and extremely expensive, requiring large inputs from government in order to keep going, is now being viewed favourably by local and state governments in Australia. The so-called educational workshops for municipal decision makers were not balanced by input from scientists from outside the industry who would have alerted municipalities to the problems of what the Europeans call “Waste OF Energy” technology. As we will need another seven planets if we continue to either land fill or burn resources instead of developing a real circular economy, then we will not only continue to pollute our environment but will add substantial amounts of C02 to the atmosphere.

  38. The climate crisis is happening now. It is not a problem for the Federal or State governments. It is a problem for each of us. I urge the councillors to consider the requests of this petition and act swiftly in the best interests of the people of Geelong. Our city and its residents depend on climate security for our future.

  39. Stop burying your heads in the stand and get behind working to minimise the issues climate change will reek on our Earth

  40. The climate emergency is so serious that action is required immediately.
    Please take action before it is too late.

  41. Such a declaration would inform people of the urgency of climate action and galvanise into action those who are fully aware but were waiting for a community action opportunity. the Council should be leading the way, but a declaration should be accompanied by a meaningful plan of action including the role of communities.

  42. The community demands you take climate change seriously and declare a climate emergency, so your policies and consequent actions reflect the urgency of the issues we face.

  43. Please acknowledge the climate emergency now so we can work together as a community to ensure a just transition in Geelong to a low carbon, sustainable future. I am particularly concerned about my children’s future, especially for my son who lives with disability and would be poorly equipped to adapt to the breakdown of society in the very real possibility of ecological collapse.

  44. In the 80s the scientists told us the facts about the ozone layer depletion… they won a Nobel prize for their discovery. The global community came together and banned CFCs by law. The ozone layer is now healing as a result of this global action. The world’s scientists have spoken up again. We have 12 years to reverse our CO2 levels. The federal government is lying that we will meet our Paris Climate targets. We need to step up where they won’t pull their weight. Help! Declare a climate emergency and help stop Geelong City CO2 levels. Every…bit…helps! It shows the federal government we will not be taken for fools, that we can come up with independent and intelligent plans to transition jobs from fossil fuels to renewable energy jobs. It’s time.

  45. I beg you, heed to the warnings and the evidence on Climate Change. Help spread the message and lead the way in preventing the most enormous crisis of our age, our own existence. Please declare a Climate Emergency and start taking the steps to get Carbon Emissions to net zero by 2025. I do not want my children to suffer because of our mistakes. Thank you.

  46. We’re already do late to this story. Yet the time is still now, and now, and now again. Maybe we truly can create a safer future for our children and their’s to come. We must start now.

  47. Given that climate impacts are already causing serious loss of life and destroying vital ecosystems, global average temperature, atmospheric greenhouse gases, and ocean acidity are already at dangerous levels, and wartime economic mobilisations have proven how quickly nations can restructure their economies when facing an extreme threat, it is inexcusable to continue with climate-damaging policies that put us all in even greater peril.

  48. Dear Councillors,
    For the sake of future generations, climate change needs to be taken seriously. So much is as stake, our environment, our quality of life and the deminishing animal species. Please be strong leaders and act on this. Let’s put Geelong on the map and show the rest of Australia and the world how it’s done.
    Thank you.

  49. Fearful of what the future will look like for my kids. A pro active Council that recognises that their is a climate emergency gives me faith for the future

  50. This is not an issue can be ignored. To do nothing is to condone the actions that have brought about and continue to bring about the extinction of so many different flora and fauna species that sustain life. None of us are exempt from the consequences of inaction.

  51. I just read an article about Sweden having literally no rubbish due to their recycling scheme. Why are we so behind in this???? I constantly collect rubbish on my walks and my daughter is meeting with her principal in regard to improving the way we do things. Something has to change, l have grave fears for the future

  52. There is still a window to act and overcome this climate emergency.
    I don’t understand why action hasn’t been taken on a world wide scale.

  53. It is about time you actually listened and walked the talk instead of pretending to listen and then just playing lip service. If you actually care about more than your own back pocket (then again no environment no way to cash in right) and the world we want to leave for future generations then please take action instead of pretending to. Green wash is no longer acceptable and Geelong as an opportunity to actually embrace green technology and not just have slogan that is nothing more than a catch phrase, which currrently is all that it is.

  54. Our kids deserve to live and breathe in the environment we took for grated. There are no jobs on a dead planet

  55. We need to act on Climate Change now. Please support the request to declare a Climate emergency – we need our local council to help solve the problems caused by climate change and to provide leadership on this issue. Thank you.

  56. Even if you dont believe in climate change, we can still be as environmentally conscious as we can and care for earth and our environment as much as possible.

  57. We are facing extinction if we don’t get our house in order re emissions and biodiversity losses asap. Please take this declaration very seriously and provide leadership to your community. Your grandchildren will thank you for it.

  58. It’s not rocket science. Put in the money and the effort to address this emergency and do it now. We can’t wait any longer.

  59. Please declare a climate emergency! Is it not enough that millions of species are at risk of mass extinction? What hope of a future do our children have? This cannot go on, the time to take action is now.

  60. There is ample evidence that we are in the beginning of a climate crisis and the Surf Coast is going to be one of the severely hit areas in Australia.

    Any significant rise in sea levels is going to be catastrophic for so many of the residents of this area. Ask yourself:
    What will even only a one metre sea rise do to so many current and future developments along our coast?
    How much of the beautiful scenery that feeds the tourism industry will be destroyed?
    How much will these changes and more cost our community in the future?

    The city of Greater Geelong has the opportunity to not only protect its ratepayers and tourism but also to be a leader in the change that so many in your community want and need. The best time to act is yesterday but today is the best we can do.

  61. I consider, as a coastal community, Geelong may be negatively impacted by climate change. A rise in the sea level may have serious consequences for Geelong, impacting on residential land and property values, Geelong based businesses and local tourism. Climate change, with changes to traditional seasonal weather patterns, is likely to negatively impact upon the Geelong area rural and farming community. I therefore believe that we will be facing, and sooner than many expect, a climate emergency, and call upon Geelong council tact proactively in the face of this situation. With fond Regards, Jacqueline Fletcher.

  62. I admire anyone that takes on a public leader role in this day and age. The world is running at pace .young people think this is normal…it’s not normal to have everything changing underneath us on such a regular basis.. Technology has done more damage than good I believe ..We have separated ourselves from Nature ..and this makes us sick,.,it has made society sick…Nature teaches us…Unfortunately more humans less other species and less nature ..we must rectify this…Less humans ,more humanity..

  63. We are in a climate emergency. Please do everything you can to help avoid climactic disaster. Please show the Federal government that steps can be taken right now and should be taken immediately.

  64. Listen to our youth, they understand the science and its implications for their future. If we do not respond effectively to this wicked challenge, we will go down in history as the selfish generation that committed inter-generational theft.

  65. In the absence of federal government action on climate change we need local governments to take lead. Action must be taken now to head off the next great extinction and the collapse of our society. We are relying on your leadership.

  66. Please implement the Climate Emergency plan as soon as possible. We need ideas that use Project Drawdown ideas.

  67. Please help create programs for people to help with working towards climate change action.

    We ask of our councellers to implement a municipality-wide climate emergency response, which involves to…

    • Publicly acknowledge the climate emergency

    • Review the Council’s strategic plan

    • Create a foundation for climate emergency action

    • Implement a climate emergency plan


    I.Emily Barton

  68. We have science based evidence telling us that we have only 11 years to transform society and mitigate climate change, or catastrophic consequences are very likely. Including possible extinction. We must act NOW – declare the climate emergency that we are in!

  69. Im tired of walking down by eastern beach and watching the litter float around in the water. This is just one small area threatening the environment. Please act now with the rest of the world and leave a true legacy you can be proud of.

  70. The time for pussyfooting around climate change is over. The science is absolute. Unless we take emergency action right now life on Earth is cooked. Ended. Kaput!

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