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To the City of Greater Geelong Council,

Given that climate impacts are already causing serious loss of life and destroying vital ecosystems, global average temperature, atmospheric greenhouse gases, and ocean acidity are already at dangerous levels, and wartime economic mobilisations have proven how quickly nations can restructure their economies when facing an extreme threat, it is inexcusable to continue with climate-damaging policies that put us all in even greater peril.

We ask of our councillors to implement a municipality-wide climate emergency response, which involves to…

• Publicly acknowledge the climate emergency

• Review the Council’s strategic plan

• Create a foundation for climate emergency action

• Implement a climate emergency plan

We’ve risen to big challenges in the past when an emergency has been declared, with citizens and all sides of politics rising to the occasion and working together for the common good. We have all the resources and ability to overcome the climate emergency, we are only lacking two things: political will and the number of people to change that political will.

We call on you to do what is necessary now.

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13 Replies to “Sign petition”

  1. Please Councillors, We are in a climate emergency. If we keep going the way we are going, our future will not be what it is today – and not for the good. I’m not saying to spend our entire budget on climate science but instead declare climate emergency, be one of the largest cities to declare it and help save the country and city that we all love.

  2. We need urgent action to address the climate crisis and it’s Council’s responsibility to take the lead on this. Show leadership to the community. It’s more than just cutting Council emissions. You and we need to act urgently to cut GHG emissions everywhere in the city and prepare for climate impacts now. And we need to start protecting our natural ecosystems urgently before we lose all our insects and other species we rely on for survival.

  3. Please declare a Climate Emergency!
    You have been chosen to listen to the people of Geelong, and many people from this area love the natural wonders and want to keep them safe.
    Please help us.

  4. Tell the truth so we can get our priorities right. It’s a Climate Emergency and we need Emergency action

  5. We need to accept and deal with the climate emergency. Local government is perhaps more important than state or federal.

    We must make plans to encourage, indeed legislate about waste, especially landfill and growth, smaller more sustainable houses that do not use good arable land. Green areas for wildlife, which we cannot live without. Sea level rises need to be calculated and worked with, not ignored. We need community solar power for everyone, not just those that can afford or have the right shaped roof. We need local food. I could go on and have probably forgotten important issues.

  6. Dear Councillors,
    I would like to bring to your attention a climate emergency. The science is there, this has been proven. The world knows we’re at a tipping point at this present time of 2 degrees. Our politicians have their heads buried in the sand, especially with the current LNP government. The politicians are not listening, though the people are. And it’s time the Geelong City Council started to listen too. Please start listening to the people of Geelong who elected you
    Kind Regards, James Bush. Belmont, Geelong.

  7. How can anyone deny that our country is not ok?
    Think of the future; and future generations. Extinction is forever.
    No-one can live or survive on a dead planet
    It’s time to act on climate emergency.

  8. Please discourage any intensive animal agriculture in our region. It uses enormous amounts of water and methane given off by ruminants is a very potent greenhouse gas. We have low lying areas which are already being inundated with higher water levels.

  9. Climate change needs to be taken seriously…NOW! We need to declare a climate emergency and take urgent steps to repair/lessen the damage. I don’t want my children and future generations to live in a world ruined by ignorance and lack of action.

  10. In the last 6 months, we have received reports from reputable groups in:
    – Biodiversity
    – The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
    – Health
    – Economics
    – Agriculture
    – Justice
    and others saying that if we want our earth to be habitable, we must take action right now to stop emitting carbon into our atmosphere and start drawing it down.
    To achieve that we need to acknowledge that we do face a climate emergency.
    If this is accompanied by a well defined set of actions & acknowledgement that we have all that we need to face up to this emergency, people won’t be paralysed by fear.
    It’s council’s opportunity to show true leadership on climate to its constituents and honours its duty of care.
    It will be joining a world wide movement of local government authorities which currently consists of in excess of 550 that represent more than 65 million people.

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