Biggest parliamentary e-petition in Australian history

You can still add your name to the 330,000 other Australians calling on parliament to declare a climate emergency – it closes on 16 October 2019:

“On September 20th, more than 300,000 Australians protested around the country, uniting with millions worldwide to demand that our governments take serious and immediate action.

You may have already seen a number of petitions circulating on social media, however there is an official parliamentary e-petition that closes on 16th October.

This petition already has close to 330,000 signatures, which is the biggest parliamentary e-petition in Australian history. The more signatures we can add, the loader the voice!

The link to this petition is below. Please sign if you haven’t already, and if you can spare 2mins please share this link on social media and ask any of your family, friends and colleagues to also sign and share!

While petitions don’t change everything on their own, it shows our politicians that there are hundreds of thousands of voters who care about this issue, and it adds to the growing momentum of people demanding action!

Best wishes
Jason Gardner, Mornington Peninsula”

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Media coverage:

→ ABC Triple J – 10 October 2019:
‘Climate emergency’ petition to Parliament reaches 300K signatures. Will it do anything?

→ SBS News – 30 September 2019:
Climate emergency e-petition secures parliamentary record

Geelong Council petitions – still running

942 have signed our petition to City of Greater Geelong Council. Let’s get to 1,000!

727 have signed Greenpeace’s Breakfree from Fossil Fuels petition to City of Greater Geelong Council. Let’s get to 1,000!

8 Replies to “Biggest parliamentary e-petition in Australian history”

  1. Climate change is among us and if you don’t do something to help stop it now none of us will have a future.
    No family no friends no kids no grandkids no cousins no aunty’s no uncles no nan and pop no pets. So everyone and everything we love dear to our hearts will crese to exist. Is this what sort of life you want to leave behind. I believe that if you do wrong by many the guilt will haunt you for many lifetimes.
    Stand up and do what is right for all of human and animal kind.

  2. All the politicians (corporate lobbyists) need to do is get out of the f way.
    The solutions exist and will bring many other benefits.
    Grow up and represent the interests of the people, you diabolically festering shitmuppets.

  3. We are experiencing climate CRISIS not just change. It’s an EMERGENCY. What part of the last 30 years plus of scientific reports and warnings didn’t you understand?

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