Councils switching to emergency mode

Get involved by taking action with our local Geelong Council

Our campaign is called CACE – Community Action in the Climate Emergency – and has already got four Australian Councils to declare a climate emergency and start to move into emergency mode and with six local governments in America now follow our lead including Los Angeles City.

Why emergency?
Well, we are in one. Current levels of greenhouse gases will cause an environmental and human catastrophe, and we need to act now while we still can.

So why councils?
With most state and federal government captured by fossil fuel interests or too weak to act Bryony and Adrian chose to focus on getting local governments to lead where state and federal government and most environmental NGO’s are failing us.

With enough councils in emergency mode, this will force state and federal governments to follow suit.

This is how small groups of people can start a process of changing the world by taking action with their local council.

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