Geelong Councillors ask: “What do you think Geelong?”

Geelong Councillor Anthony Aitken wrote on Facebook: “The City of Greater Geelong has been asked to join the International Movement to develop a Climate Emergency Plan. What do you think Geelong ? #OurFuture”

He cc:ed Cr Jim Mason, Cr Ron Nelson, Cr Peter Murrihy and Cr Kylie Grzybek, as well as Geelong Advertiser, Geelong Indy, Bay 93.9, and K Rock.

→ You can tell the Councillor Aitken what you think here:

Two other Geelong councillors did the same:

1) Councillor Kylie Grzybek asks on her Facebook page:

“I’m keen to hear your views – the city will be debating whether to declare a climate emergency- I’m educating myself on the topic but I would love to hear your views. And if you have any links or info on this important topic I would appreciate it.”

Let her know!

2) And then you can go to Councillor Anthony Aitken’s post

…and answer him as well.

3) Thirdly, please go to Geelong councillor Stephanie Asher’s post where she asks:

“OK, I am keen to hear from Bellarine residents and ratepayers about their views on declaring a climate emergency. The Geelong council group is receiving a lot of letters and emails urging us to follow the lead of a number of other local councils and make a declaration on behalf of the City of Greater Geelong. I want to get a sense of the breadth and depth of people’s feelings on this. Go…”

Let them know what you think!


On 26 August, there were 113 comments on Aitken’s post, 90 likes, and only ONE ‘sour-face’

Mik Aidt wrote:

“I say a very BIG YES. Declaring a climate emergency in our municipality is the first step to take the issue more seriously. It sends a signal to all of us in this city that we need to wake up and start working together – businesses, organisations, individuals – on solving the dangerous issues with the climate and ecologicial breakdown. So please, show some leadership – that’s what sitting in a Council ought to be all about – and then let’s roll our sleeves up and help each other, as we would in any other emergency situation.”


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