Geelong Councillor Ron Nelson is asking for your advice

…on whether or not Geelong Council should declare a climate emergency

Maybe you could let Ron know how you see things? – that is if you live in the Kardinia Ward. And if not, maybe you could pass this message on to people you know who live in Kardinia Ward?

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Mik previously posted this comment to some of the other councillors:

There is a lack of leadership on the climate crisis in Australia. Sometimes good leadership isn’t to be asking the community what it thinks about an issue. Sometimes real leadership is to spend a bit of time on your own figuring out what is up and down and wrong and right in that particular case, and then to be making a decision that you, as that responsible leader you’d want to be for your community, feel good about. The right decision on a long-term perspective – not just the most popular decision here and now.

Currently our community is confused on the matter of the climate and biodiversity breakdown, because of the many stories that are being circulated. Some of them are fake. So my advice in this case would be that you investigate the matter independently, rather than through chatting with random members of the Facebook community. The Kardinia community out in the real world is looking at all the science, the figures, and the frightening news and they are asking for YOUR leadership and guidance on this matter.

Just two local examples here: Since 1997, the average yearly water collected at West Barwon Reservoir has decreased by about 32 per cent (or 9,000 million litres). January this year was the driest January on record.

If you come to City Hall on Friday at 10am, you’ll meet some of the many residents in your city who are worried, scared and upset in particular because of the current lack of leadership. Would be good to see you there, and will be great to see you make a difference when you are making a decision on this matter on the 24th of September.



Come on Geelong: Declare a Climate Emergency

Council meets Tuesday 24 September to make a decision on whether or not to declare a climate emergency.


Thrive For Future organises Music & Poetry for the Planet – Geelong Act 2 – at 5:30pm at Geelong City Hall.

Sign up here, and spread the word:

#FridaysForFuture supports #SchoolStrike4Climate



Also, sign up here as well:

WEAR RED to Support – Geelong Climate Emergency Declaration



An hour’s podcast about the climate emergency declarations, the big climate strike on Friday, carbon reductions, leadership, and many other related issues.

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You can follow the climate emergency declaration news in The Sustainable Hour. We are expecting to have a rather special announcement on Wednesday 18 September.

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